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[added 05/12/2017] Discover DeCrypt eNews December 2017

Background to the Project (and eNews)

Discover DeCrypt is the Heritage Lottery Funded project to renovate St Mary de Crypt Church and the Old Crypt Schoolroom on Southgate Street, Gloucester. Both the church and the school are important buildings for Old Cryptians. We need your friendship and your support as we take this project forward. A Friends Scheme shows the Heritage Lottery Fund that we have local, national and international support and this is important. You can become a Friend for free: please fill out the attached Friends Membership Form today! Importantly, we also need pledges of financial support before we can apply for the second phase of Heritage Lottery funding.  You may be in a position to give a one off donation or to donate a monthly sum. Any financial gift is welcome however large or small. If you can help financially, please indicate on the Friends Membership Form too. Thank you.

[added 06/05/2015] A Young Musicians Concert Series will be held on five occasions in the church in May and June and the Crypt School is featured on Monday, 22nd.  Read about it here Concert Publicity1.

[added 06/05/2015, amended 19/05/2015] Gloucester’s Flower Festival is featured at several venues through the Summer.  As part of the Gloucester Tall Ships weekend, between 22nd May and 25th May the exhibition will be at St. Mary de Crypt Church in Southgate Street.  Read about it here St Mary de Crypt Flow Fest 1 May 2015 (W_O contacts)

[added 19/05/2015]  A Service will be held on Friday, 22nd May at 1.00 p.m. in St. Mary de Crypt church to celebrate the opening of the Flower Festival.  At other times the church will be open 10.00am – 4.00pm to look at and admire the many lovely Flower arrangements.  Here is a  poster St. Mary de Crypt Service Friday 22 May invite

[added 23/12/2016] We have received in the last days the splendid news that the HLF has approved a £1.36 million grant for Discover de Crypt. The restoration of St Mary de Crypt Church and the old Crypt Schoolroom will be of considerable benefit to the local community as well as to the school. More details are set out in the accompanying eNews (see above). Our fund raising continues: we are confident in our trust funding but still have a shortfall of £48,000 needed by March 2017. The past president Bob Timms would like to take this opportunity of thanking you all for continuing support as we seek to reach this target.

Read the latest eNews here [added 05/12/20127]:   Discover DeCrypt eNews December 2017

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